Google wants 100 Indian kids to spend summer days in its offices, writes open letter to parents

Google wants 100 Indian kids to spend summer days in its offices, writes open letter to parents

Google India wants 100 school children to send a few days this summer in its Hyderabad and Gurgaon offices. So, it has announced a kind of contest in which it wants kids to complete four projects — one each week — so that it can select the brightest from the lot and give them a taste of the “Googly” culture that is part of its colourful offices. The announcement was made by the company in an open letter on Monday.

In the letter to parents, Google notes, “We have partnered with our product leaders to bring to you, a series of activities you can do along with your kids to make this a memorable #SummerWithGoogle at the Summer Camp… At the end of four weeks, we will host a fun filled Summer Camp at Google’s Gurgaon and Hyderabad campus, flying up to 100 participants along with their guardians from across the country. If you don’t want your child to miss the Summer Camp, help them participate by following these four easy steps.”

So what are the steps? Here is what parents and the kids will need to do:

— Go to the Summer Camp With Google website every week.

— Pick up the latest challenge and complete it.

— The first challenge, which is already available, relates to the use of Google Earth.

— The next one will be about Google Translate and learning a new word in a different language.

— Then there will be a challenge related to Google Arts and Culture initiative, that aims to put information about historical sites or art work into public domain.

— The final challenge will be creating an app using Google provided tools. Sounds daunting but it may not be that difficult.

Once all challenges have been completed, Google will go through a results and pick 100 Indian kids from all over the country and invite them to its offices. Inside offices, the kids are likely to get a taste of how Google works, how its product manager thinks and what happens with the ideas that Googlers come up with.

In a way, the experience may turn out to be somewhat similar to The Internship, a comedy movie where we saw Owen Wilson and a couple of other guys getting into Google for internship. Although the experience would not be as grand or as scripted as what the movie showed, the Google offices are usual fun places, especially for visitors, and chances are that the kids will have a good time.

“Yes it’s summertime, and while you may be worried about your kids spending some extra hours on the Internet, we feel you can use that time to bond with them, learn together, encourage them to make new discoveries and help them be responsible explorers of the web,” notes Google in its letter to parents.




Source:- indiatoday