Jio IPL 2018 251 Pack With 2GB Daily Data for 51 Days……

Jio IPL 2018 251 Pack With 2GB Daily Data for 51 Days……

With IPL 2018 having kicked off, Jio’s new 251 plan that offers 102GB of 4G data over 51 days at a price of Rs. 251 is now available for recharge via Jio’s website, My Jio app, and other recharge channels. With this 251 “cricket pack”, the telco is targeting fans of IPL 2018, offering the ability to “stream almost every live match throughout the duration of 51 days” of the IPL, which began on Saturday and will end on May 27. Notably, Jio’s new pack has a daily data limit of 2GB, and like with other daily data plans, unused data will expire at midnight.

As mentioned earlier, the Rs. 251 plan comes with 102GB of data on the Reliance Jio network, which means a per GB cost of less than Rs. 2.50, making it one of the more attractive options for heavy 4G data users. Note that while Jio is promoting the 251 pack for IPL 2018 viewers, it’s not in any way tied to cricket or video streaming, and can be used for any purpose.

Jio Cricket Play Along live mobile game

In addition to the new Cricket Season Pack, Jio has also announced a new live mobile game that is seemingly accessible to all smartphone users in India. Available for 7 weeks and across 60 IPL 2018 matches, the game can be played in 11 languages. The game claims to offer real-time interaction during the cricket matches. Jio says that certain prizes will be up for grabs during the game.

Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan Live show

Apart from that, Jio also announced the launch of its new web show that will be hosted by personalities such as comedian Sunil Grover and anchor Samir Kochhar who will be joined by several comedians and popular cricketers, with live episodes airing every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; Virender Sehwag and Kapil Dev are expected to be part of the show. The show will premiere at 7:30pm on April 7 exclusively on the My Jio app. The show will offer “unseen off-the-field experience, a hearty dose of laughter, exclusive comments by Cricket experts, and celebrity guests.”

Speaking at the launch, former Indian Cricketer, Kapil Dev said, “Cricket is an intense sport but that doesn’t mean there can’t be any fun on and off the pitch. The players are always playing pranks and cracking jokes in the changing rooms. With Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan LIVE, we are opening up the lighter side of cricket to the world. I am looking forward to the upcoming cricket and laughter season”.

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